July 6, 2023

Governor Boboy Hamor expressed his delight today as he welcomed the forthcoming operation of the Youngstown Sardines fish storage plant in Barangay San Isidro, Bulan.

During a meeting with Ms. Loraine Ngo, the representative of Youngstown, Governor Hamor extended his gratitude for their investment, recognizing the positive impact it would have on the province’s employment rate and the livelihood of lawlaw fisherfolks.

The Youngstown Sardines fish storage plant is expected to significantly contribute to the economic growth of Bulan, creating numerous employment opportunities for its residents. Governor Hamor emphasized the importance of such ventures in providing sustainable livelihoods for the local communities.

By opening its doors to the lawlaw fisherfolks, the plant will not only eliminate the need for intermediaries but also ensure fair prices for their catch.

Mayor Meo Gordola echoed Governor Hamor’s sentiments and pledged to expedite the processing of all necessary documents to facilitate the swift commencement of operations at the plant. Mayor Gordola highlighted the convenience for the fishermen, as they will now have a direct avenue to sell their lawlaw catch without having to rely on brokers, thus eliminating additional costs and ensuring maximum profit for their efforts.

The establishment of the Youngstown Sardines fish storage plant not only signifies a significant investment in Bulan’s economy but also highlights the potential for future growth in the province’s fishing industry.

With the plant’s operations set to begin soon, Bulan’s fishing community can look forward to a brighter future, marked by enhanced employment opportunities and improved income for lawlaw fisherfolks.


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