July 8, 2023

In accordance with his responsibilities outlined in Section 465 and 29 of the Local Government Code of 1991, Governor Boboy Hamor has been actively visiting towns within the province, engaging with town mayors, and discussing matters with their respective department heads. Governor Hamor’s recent visits to the towns of Bulan, Irosin, Magallanes, and Juban have resulted in significant assistance being provided to these municipalities.

During his visit to Bulan, Governor Hamor presented an ambulance to bolster the capabilities of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO). Additionally, 1500 bags of fertilizer were handed over to support the local agricultural sector, emphasizing the governor’s commitment to the welfare of the community.

Likewise, Irosin benefited from the governor’s visit, receiving an ambulance for their MDRRMO and 1500 bags of fertilizer. Furthermore, two e-tricycles will be donated, intended for use by the senior citizen and persons with disabilities (PWD) offices. Governor Hamor also pledged financial assistance to support the municipal building development in Irosin.

In the town of Magallanes, Governor Hamor’s visit resulted in the presentation of a rescue vehicle, which will enhance the municipality’s emergency response capabilities. In addition, 300 bags of fertilizer were provided, demonstrating the governor’s dedication to bolstering the local agricultural sector.

Juban also received substantial assistance during Governor Hamor’s visit, including 700 bags of fertilizer and a financial aid amounting to 3 million pesos. This support will contribute to the development and welfare of the municipality.

Expressing his gratitude to the mayors and their commitment to public service, Governor Hamor vowed to continue his visits to the remaining towns and the city of Sorsogon .

The governor’s dedication to these visits underscores his determination to personally engage with local leaders and understand the needs of their communities.

Governor Hamor emphasized that his efforts are aimed at fostering stronger collaboration and ensuring the well-being of the people he serves. By addressing the pressing concerns and extending assistance to various municipalities, Governor Hamor’s visits exemplify his commitment to effective governance and support for local development.