Governor Boboy Hamor Visits Sta. Magdalena Central School to See Progress of Construction of School Building Funded by Provincial Government

April 30, 2023

Governor Boboy Hamor visited Sta. Magdalena Central School to inspect the progress of the construction of a school building that was funded by the provincial government. The said school building was razed by fire in November 2019, leaving the school with limited facilities.

During his visit, Governor Hamor took the time to talk to the school officials, teachers, and GPTA officers to check on their welfare and to listen to their concerns. He expressed his delight in seeing the newly repaired school building and promised to construct a new building beside it to replace the dilapidated one.

“The provincial government is committed to providing quality education to our students, and this includes ensuring that they have safe and conducive learning environments,” Governor Hamor said.

The governor’s visit was welcomed by everyone at the school, who expressed their gratitude for the provincial government’s support and assistance in rebuilding the school. They also expressed their excitement at the prospect of having a new school building that would provide better learning opportunities for the students.

The construction of the new school building is expected to begin in the coming months, and the provincial government has assured the school officials that it will continue to provide assistance and support to the school until it has fully recovered from the devastating fire.

The governor’s visit to Sta. Magdalena Central School serves as a testament to the provincial government’s commitment to education and its dedication to rebuilding the community. Through its efforts, the provincial government hopes to create a better future for the students of Sta. Magdalena Central School and for the entire province of Sorsogon.


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