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Provincial Ordinances

PO 34-2019 An Ordinance Institutionalizing the Medicines and Medical Supplies Consignment System in the Province of Sorsogon

PO 37-2019 An Ordinance Marking all Electric Posts of Sorsogon I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Soreco I) and Sorsogon II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Soreco II) with Numbers and Information for Identification and Location in Case of Disasters, Providing Penalties and For Other Purposes

PO 38-2019 Ordinance Adopting the Official Seal of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Sorsogon, The Mace and Dry Seal Bearing the Seal, Regulating their Use and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof

PO 39-2019 An Ordinance Requiring All Newly Constructed Offices, Establishments, and Other Related Buildings Intended for Public Use to Include in their Construction a Gender-Neutral Restroom

PO 40-2019 An Ordinance Providing for Palay Procurement and Marketing Support for Framers in the Province of Sorsogon

PO 45-2019 Revised Revenue Code of the Province of Srosogon

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