May 05, 2023

The province of Sorsogon has recently highlighted its preparation for the implementation of the Universal Health Care (UHC) program during the PCS UHC Stakeholders Summit in Davao City.

The event gathered healthcare professionals and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the UHC program in the Philippines.

Dr. Jun Bolo, the provincial health officer, emphasized that for the UHC program to work, everyone must cooperate, and the province of Sorsogon has demonstrated its commitment to the cause. The province has not only provided basic health care services but has also elevated the quality of its healthcare facilities while empowering its inter-local health system.

Governor Boboy Hamor echoed the same sentiment, saying that the province is committed to maintaining the success of the preparation laid down by the provincial government.

He emphasized that the provincial government will continue to support the needs of hospitals and local government units in the province.

During the panel discussion on the challenges in governance, former Philippine College of Surgeon President Ramon Inzo praised Sorsogon’s health system and facility in relation to the UHC implementation. He acknowledged the beauty of how Sorsogon achieved success in its preparation and suggested that everyone should request a copy of the province’s blueprint in implementing UHC.

Sorsogon’s successful preparation for UHC implementation serves as an inspiration and model for other provinces and local government units. With the UHC program in place, more Filipinos will have access to quality health care services without having to worry about financial burden.

The province of Sorsogon’s commitment to UHC implementation serves as an excellent example of how cooperation and empowerment of the local health system can lead to success. With more provinces and local government units following in Sorsogon’s footsteps, the goal of achieving universal health coverage for all Filipinos may soon become a reality.